To ensure that our event is successful, participants are kindly asked to take the time to read the following rules and regulations of the competition.


  1. All Riders must wear a fastened helmet, appropriate shoes, clothing and have an undamaged scooter. We will enforce a strict “NO helmet NO riding” policy.
  2. Organizers will provide first aider / medical staff on site at all times.
  3. A rider is responsible for their own health and can only ride if they are fit and well.
  4. All riders must be aware and understand the skatepark rules and safety measures.
  5. A rider who feels that they are being placed in danger shall report the matter to the organizer.
  6. Riders are advise not to ride beyond their limit
  7. Riders are to complete a competition waiver release form stating that they understand the rules, code of conduct and dangers of competing.
  8. We will not tolerate abusive, aggressive and inappropriate behaviour from anyone during the competition

The criteria here applies to the National/Open Beginner, Intermediate and Pro Categories. A judge is looking to mark a maximum of 20 points based on each category giving a total score between 1 to 100.

DIFFICULTY – 20 points

  • Tricks that are difficult to execute
  • Technical tricks
  • Difficult lines within the park
  • Large gaps or high airs will help with a solid point score

DIVERSITY – 20 points

  • Making sure you are pulling all different types of tricks (spins, grinds, whips, bars, flips, combos)
  • Pulling diverse tricks on different types of ramp/boxes/rails will appeal to judges and help your score.

CONSISTENCY – 20 points

  • A run that has been done without any feet touching by mistake or crashes.
  • Tricks done but not pulled smooth will also come into account with consistency points
  • Landing everything in your run to your full potential will leave you with a really solid score

STYLE – 20 points

  • Making your tricks look effortless and with ease
  • Landing up the top of the ramps to keep it nice and clean
  • Keeping your speed throughout the park making it look as if its your local

USE OF PARK – 20 points

  • Using all ramps to full potential
  • Going out of your way to find gaps or rails that people will not think of to add to your originality
  • Completing a trick in all sector of the park.


  1. The competition is open to male and female riders of all ages.
  2. The National Beginner/Intermediate Categories are for riders who are Singapore Citizen or hold a PR status.
  3. Riders are each provided 1 minute to complete their run for all categories.
  4. A rider will not be provided additional time or be able to retake their run in the case of a scooter breaking.
  5. Riders must all sign competition waiver.
  6. Riders compete at their own risk and the organizers are not responsible for any injuries sustained by rider during competition.
  7. All riders will wear a helmet while riding the skatepark.
  8. Riders competing without a helmet at any point in time of their run will be automatically disqualified for the entire competition.
  9. There will be no time stoppages for riders to change out their scooter parts, scooter or protective gear during their run.
  10. Recreational, illegal or performance enhancing drug use is strictly forbidden.
  11. Riders will not ride under the influence of alcohol and will not consume alcohol on the skatepark.
  12. Abusive behaviour, bullying or violence will not be tolerated.
  13. Riders will respect and listen to the competition organiser and officials.
  14. Riders will take care of the skatepark, equipment and facilities.
  15. Riders will never engage in illegal or inappropriate activity.
  16. Refrain from bad language.
  17. Riders will act with good sportsmanship.
  18. There will be no gambling or betting activities within the competition amongst riders, organisers, judges or members of the public.
  19. Riders will report dangers, problems or issues to the organiser.
  20. Riders will respect all others regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender or other.
  21. Riders registering in a category may be moved to another category base on judges and organizers understanding of the rider’s skills.
  22. Judges decisions are final.

Only scooter that meets the following criteria is permitted to be used by riders during the competition.

  1. Only non-electrical push scooters are permitted.
  2. No foldable mechanism.
  3. No toy scooters.
  4. No dirt scooters or scooters with more than 2 wheels.
  5. Wheels are no greater than 135mm in size.
  6. Scooters must be in good working order.